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Love, Murder, and Cake Pops.


Tin 122-845 is a Sentient CanopicBot who loves baking, Wizard of Oz, and serving cake pops to the mysterious customer, Marcus, who frequents his bakery.

Marcus Delgado loves alien movies, coffee, and protecting the gentle baker named Tin 122-845 from a serial killer targeting "Sens" like him.

Marcus is in over his head with no leads or support from his agency.

Tin has no idea he's in danger, but he'd like Marcus to know he's single ;)

Two bodies have been discovered already, and time is running out. They could really use a detective but...


...there are none to be found.

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About the Author

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Hello there! ​Elly Hazel (they/them) is a proud "neurospicy" trans non-binary person. They are a shameless cinephile, a cosplayer, a gamer, but most importantly their entire ​personality revolves around Star Wars. 

If you need an icebreaker when approaching them just ask "Do you know any fun facts about Grand Moff Tarkin?" Bring snacks, the answer may take a while.

They live with their partner, Anthony, and their cat, Firefly, in Arizona's East Valley.


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