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Tin & Marcus

My original concept of Marcus was based on actor, Diego Luna (Rogue One, Andor, Narcos: Mexico) and Tin was based on Leonardo Nam (Westworld, Tokyo Drift, Werewolf by Night). However, I love seeing the reader interpretation of both Tin and Marcus (so long as Marcus's Latino heritage remains intact!)

Amazing commission by @twiddletaffy (Instagram)

BlueberryHelper's Design

Early Blueberry.jpg

Only Calliope
would find this cute

Early Blueberry 2.jpg

Always Watching.

These Sleep Paralysis Demons were the original  designs for BlueberryHelper
It was always going to be a "Clippy" character, but in a...y'know...ubiquitous sort of way.
You never know when you're gonna need help. 
But Blueberry will know... ...Blueberry always knows.

BlueberryHelper Concept Art - Lauren Feliciano (2019).jpg

Lauren saved the day with this design!

My heart will never recover from the "hair leaves" and his ever positive (unblinking) smile! I love this helpful little berry very much.

You can find more of Lauren's incredible work on instagram



Error: Detective Not Found's Cover

Elly's design:  Elly pretends to know what they're doing

Cover Art Concept Elly.jpg
Cake Pop Designs.jpg

The Stars represent Marcus (and his love of sci-fi movies). The hearts represent our sweet Tin. 

And the cake pop in the center is the Murder Mystery!

Please note that for some reason the pink cake pop above has blue hair rather than frosting.

Thankfully, Lauren did not go with that design "choice".

Lauren's Design: Lauren knows exactly what to do!

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